Anhydra 6000

The current Anhydra 6000
Universal Fertilizer Applicator
uses pneumatic
down-pressure for both
the row unit and closing
wheels. Spring up force
is optional.

Detail of the unique 6000 NH3 diffusing injector. Used for rates up to 200+ lbs/acre. A self-adjusting pivot system allows the injector to consistently follow the slot.

Detail of the of knife depth at 6.5".

The closing system on the 6000 employs a pneumatic down-pressure system and features a walking-tandem closer equipped with an adjustable spring biasing mechanism. Adjust the bias when the leading wheel is diving in loose , worked soil.
An easy to use bolt-latch style retainer locks the arm at the top of it's travel, and gives some extra room for making adjustments or carrying out routine maintainance.

The 6000 Universal Fertilizer Applicator can be run on 20". Although it is difficult to make strip-till work on 20", the 6000 is capable of clearing a full with path for the planter, while placing very high rates of fertilizer. The unit above shows the "pusher" row cleaner with 15" Trashwheels. All pivots on the 6000 Applicator are fitted with Kevlar filament wound bushings. Only ground engaging pivots require grease to purge dirt.

These are the adjustment pins for changing blade angle and unit depth. The blade can run from 0-7 degrees and can run from 2"- 6.5" deep.

The closing wheel assembly and Trashwheel assemblies are both equipped with simple Lock-Up mechanisms. It gives greater versatility with row cleaning and moves things out of the way during maintenance.

6000 Users ManualTrashwheels Users Manual .pdfTrashwheels Users Manual .pdf
6000 Parts BreakdownTrashwheels Users Manual .pdfTrashwheels Users Manual .pdf