Gfx Hydraulic, Remote-Adjust,
Floating Row Cleaner

We know row cleaner adjustments aren't always the highest priority during planting. Row cleaners should always be set correctly, but as the planting window narrows, there is little time for adjustments. So we may have to gouge a little, or not quite clear enough, in order to get the crop planted on schedule.
The simple, yet dependable design of the Gfx row cleaner gives you unparalleled control over your row cleaning. The hydraulically controlled Trashwheels can be instantly adjusted over the entire length of the planter, using a simple in-cab electronic interface.

Model 5010DB-12.75

Front View

The trailing-arm design takes the pressure off your planter row unit.

The Gfx mounts to the toolbar, not to the planter row unit.

Row unit mounted row cleaners affect the planter row unit's down-pressure. This may lead to uneven seed depth, and emergence.

Gfx row cleaners can be equipped with polycarbonate depth bands.

You can now outfit your GFX Row Cleaners with the DAWN ScissorWheel !

As with all Dawn row cleaners the Dawn Scissorwheel is
drop-forged and has a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.
The slightly concave ScissorWheel is perfect for maximum disturbance row cleaning. If you have very high residue levels, or need to move some soil to get to moisture, this wheel may be your best option.

Mount GFX Row Cleaners to your John Deere 2510S.

We offer a mount that fastens to the 2510S using the existing lugs for the factory row cleaner

System pressure is set and regulated with a simple electro-hydraulic control system. The Electric control module RAM mounts in your tractor cab. A single dial regulates the pressure in the system. The maximum setting give a little over 100lbs of down force to each individual row cleaner. If there is zero system pressure, the Trashwheels retract from the ground.

With the Gfx system, we are not controlling depth, as much as we are controlling the aggressiveness of the row cleaning. Variations in the field make it nearly impossible to properly set row cleaner "depth" on wide and ultra-wide planters. With the Gfx, you set the pressure in the system, then the tool floats around that pressure, just dial it up, or dial it back, when necessary.

In some areas you will likely want a little more control over different planter sections. Particularly if you have an ultra-wide planter, and hilly terrain, it can be beneficial to control different planter sections independantly. With our simple stackable control valve assemblies it is simple to run your wings and center sections on independent hydraulic circuits.

The Gfx is designed to roll up an over infield obstacles. The above photo shows a planter rolling over a pivot irrigation track. Notice how even without depth bands, the Gfx is able to pretty closely follow the ground contour.

This photo shows the same planter, and field after hitting the mellow soil of the pivot track. Notice how the Gfx was able to go over the pivot track without severely gouging the soil.

This is a large planter running no-till into heavy wheat stubble. If you are primarily planting corn into wheat stubble, the 12.75" trashwheel is likely your best option. The swept back tooth prevents wheat from wrapping on the Trashwheel. This customer uses the 12.75" wheel with depth bands.

This planter has been equipped with sectional control. The center section and wings of this planter are controlled independently. Although typically not necessary if you live in a flat area, it can be useful if you are in hilly terrain, or are heavily terraced.