1580 Pneumatic, Remote-Adjust,
Coulter / Floating Row Cleaner

The model 1580 combines the time tested performance of the Dawn leading edge coulter combination row cleaner with a trailing arm, remotely controllable, floating row cleaner.

This design is able to run in the heaviest residue conditions all with the ease of use of remote down pressure control.

The cylinder has controllable up and down pressure.

Simple, in-cab adjustment of your coulter / row cleaner combination.

While this tool is planter row unit mounted, instead of frame mounted, the trailing arm design retains some advantages of the toolbar mounted Gfx. It floats easily over the soil surface with the parallel linkage.

Can be run with our without depth bands. In heavy Corn stalks you may choose to run without depth bands.

Please call for planter compatibility assistance.

List Price $899



The 1580 Coulter / Row Cleaner Combination is controlled by this simple pneumatic regulator.

This easy to use pnuematic regulator RAM mounts in the tractor cab. A switch on the side lets air into either the UP or DOWN regulator. Turn the knob above the desired regulator to increase or decrease system pressure.