Firm & Close

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, the Dawn ACS/RCX may be used with your existing OEM closing wheels, or may be oufitted with Dawn M-Series Closers

The pneumatic firming wheel seats seed in the bottom of the furrow. It is followed, and closed by a remotely controlled hydraulic closing assembly.


When planting, particularly at high speeds or in wet conditions, a seed firmer can be very problematic. A firming wheel rolls through the furrow, and tends to not drag residue or wet soil.

Adjust pressure on the firming wheel with the air bag. The pressure on the closing wheel arm is controlled hydraulically to ensure they are a uniform distance from the seed. 


Following the Furrow is Critical

Corners and contours are always a challenge farming row crops. Seed in an open slot will likely mean late germination, if it isn't picked up by birds.

The RCX has 20 degrees of castered travel. It will follow most curves you encounter.



Simple to Install, Easy to Use.

The list price on the NEW RCX Remote Hydraulic Closing Wheel System is $550.00US per row.

Once installed, you use the same simple in-cab control used for nearly a decade with other Dawn X-Series tools



ACS Automation

The Active Closing System ACS MUST be used with a toothed closing wheel!

The Dawn ACS (Automated Closing System) is an industry-first device that controls tined closing wheel depth relative to the bottom of the furrow.  As with all Dawn automated hydraulic tools, the ACS is driven by the REFLEX Row Controller, and monitored using the Dawn FurrowTechnik App on your tablet.

 The ACS firming wheel runs in the bottom of the furrow.  In the ACS configuration, the firming wheel has two important functions: measuring the bottom of the furrow, and providing seed to soil contact.  The firming wheel has adjustable pneumatic down force.  It does not require regular adjustments.

A non-contact inductive distance sensor is connected to the REFLEX Row Controller.  It is mounted to the closing wheel assembly, and measures the relative distance between the bottom of the furrow and the bottom of the closing wheels.  This distance can be calibrated for different closing wheel models. Additionally, a pressure transducer gives feedback on the applied force.

Using the FurrowTechnik App, the operator enters a value for relative depth.  The REFLEX Row Controller then regulates the closing wheel hydraulics and the closing wheels will increase or decrease their relative depth.  The system makes automated adjustments every 30mS.

For many producers, a tined closing wheel is a very important element on their row crop planter.  It crumbles and aerates the soil leaving an optimal seed bed. But once the closing wheel down force is set, the wheels always run at that force.  In hard soil they run shallow, in soft soil they run deep.  The ACS solves this fundamental problem.  With the ACS, you are able to run a wider variety of closing wheels and optimize your closing system to precisely target your desired aggressiveness.



Multi-level Feedback for Diagnostics

The unique position sensing and control system utilized on the ACS allows it to act as a sensor that can differentiate a situation where you have a rock stuck in the closing wheels from a situation where the soil is extremely hard. Especially in low light, this can be an important layer of defense.


Data visualization with Dawn FurrowTechnik

ACS provides automatic row by row control of the closing system. In this image you can clearly see the increased pressure required to close the furrow on the rows between the tires on the center section of the planter


Planting on a Steep Slope

One of the best uses for an ACS or RCX system is in a field with steep side slopes. It is common for a planter to crab down the side hill. As it tracks down hill, the closing wheel does not align over the center of the row, leaving a wide open furrow. The castering action of the ACS & RCX centers the closing wheels even if the planter is slipping down hill, or moving around a tight corner.