Row Cleaners

are made of drop-forged alloy steel. They have a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.

The simple screw-adjust mechanism allows you to fine tune your row cleaning.

The Trashwheels shown here have our new magnetically retained handle. It can be adjusted by hand, or with a 3/4" socket.
1130A-12.75 Trashwheels shown with 1140-2 mount

Dawn 12.75" Trashwheel

The 12.75" Trashwheel Row Cleaner has a swept-back tooth. It works very well in a wide variety of tillage conditions. This wheel is ideal for running in conventionally tilled ground, where it allows residue and clods to slough off as the teeth exit the ground. It also prevents wrapping when running no-till into wheat stubble. The John Deere 1770NT, 1780, 1790, DeereBauer, White 8000 series, and Case 1250 series planters have limited clearance for planter attachments. For these planters you will likely use the 12.75" wheel, as the 14" Trashwheel can only run intersecting, or not at all, on those planters.
12.75" Trashwheels Row Cleaners

Dawn 14" Trashwheel

This is the orginal Dawn Drop-Forged Alloy Steel Trashwheel. The 14" Trashwheel Row Cleaner is designed to aggressively bite into trash, and is commonly used in a no-till or min-till environment. The standard row cleaner can have the wheels running in the intersecting or offset positions. If you have worked bottoms, or other difficult ground that required some tillage, you may choose to run the Trashwheels in the offset position. For No-till, they are generally run in the intersecting position. Please make sure your planter has adequate clearance to run the 14" Trashwheel.
14" Trashwheels Row Cleaners

Dawn 15" Trashwheel

Although the configurations of some planters prohibit the use of larger trashwheels, there are some planters that can use our largest available Trashwheel. Dawn's 15 in. Trashwheel combines the benefits of larger diameter wheel, and the swept-back tooth. This wheel will clear a wider path, and prevents residue from wrapping. An important difference to note is the one piece assembly. The 15" Trashwheel has an integrated hub like Dawn's Curvetine closing wheels. Please contact a Dawn representative to see if your planter has enough space available for the 15" Wheel.
15" Trashwheels Row Cleaners

Bayonet Stripper

Part No.
102593 (Right) and 102594 (Left)

Optional Bayonet Stripper. In some conditions, you may elect to use our bayonet stripper. It is heavier, and more agressive than our standard triangular stripper, and is good if you are having difficulty with bale wrap, or no-tilling into long tough residue, such as stripper headed wheat.
15" Trashwheels Row Cleaners

Dawn Trashwheels Run on regreaseable tapered roller bearings.

All Dawn hub housings, equipped with regreaseable tapered roller bearings, are castle nutted to our nitride coated shaft. Simply grease until clean grease pushes past the triple-lip seal. Dawn 15" trashwheel integrated hubs use the same bearings and seals found in the standard hub. Trashwheels are mounted between the housing and our o-ring sealed Supercap.

1130A-14 Intersecting
1130A-14 Offset
1130A-12.75 Offset
Dawn Trashwheels can be configured in a variety of different ways. The three most common are shown above. 14" Trashwheels can be set intersecting, or offset right and left. 12.75" Trashwheels can only run in the offset position. John Deere, Kinze and White planters will use an A series stem (exe. 1130A-14, 1136A-12.75). Case planters require the use of the C series stem (exe. 1130C-12.75, 1136C-14). These configurations are best for 28" or greater spacing. Ideal for 30" centers.

There are a number of narrow row options also available. The 1136A asseblies are very common for use on narrower rows. On planters with row spacings less than 22", it is unlikely that there will be enough room for a dual row cleaner. In some cases the 1138F narrow-angle cleaner may work, however the 1138F is for an entirely no-till environment, it will not perform properly in worked ground. Please call us if you have questions equipping planters with 15"-22" row spacings.

Dawn Trashwheel Mounts for John Deere Planters

The standard Plus, XP and Pro mount: 1140-2, has an angled support arm that places the depth-adjust tube 2.25" out from the faceplate of the planter row unit. This is the mount you would use, in general, to equip John Deere planters 7200 or newer. There are some important exceptions to this.

If you have a John Deere planter that has been equipped with John Deere "Heavy-Duty" Scrapers, you will have to use the mount 1140-2-3.25. This gives another inch of clearance to avoid interference with the scraper mount.

If you have ANY row units with "Long Parallel Links" You must use the 1140-2-6.25 mount. Long parallel links come standard on the front four center rows of the JD 1790 split-row. Many other DB & 1700 series are equipped with long parallel links, please verify your links package. Dawn will not be liable for any freight or extra cost associated with returns.

If you have a John Deere 7000, you will have to order mount 1140-5 to avoid interference with the cross member of the lower parallel arms of the the planter row unit, the 1140-5 has a support arm of only 5/8".

If you have a early John Deere 7200 "Conservation" planter with a welded lower parallel linkage, spatial constraints make it impossible to fit to your planter, unless you replace your lower parallel links.

The 1140W-1 and the 1140-1 are both compatible with the John Deere 7200, but are not compatible with the 1700 series John Deere.

1140-2 ⇒
2.25" support arm
1140-2sp3.25 ⇒
3.25" support arm
1140-2sp6.25 ⇒
6.25" support arm
1140-5 ⇒
.625" support arm

Dawn Trashwheel Mounts for Kinze Planters

The 1140-1 mount is the standard mount for Kinze planters with spring down-pressure. The 1140-2 Mount is also compatible with the John Deere 7200 and White 6000 series planters.

If you have a newer Kinze planter with pneumatic down-pressure you will have to use the 1140K-1 mount. This mount uses a unique detent mechanism to adjust the row cleaners up and down. The 1140-1 mount will not fit row units with pneumatic down-pressure.

If you have a pre-1993 Kinze planter or a Kinze planter with John Deere MaxEmerge row units you will have to order the 1140-5 mount. This mount will only fit pre-1993 Kinzes and JD 7000's.

1140-1 ⇒
Wide back plate
1140K-1 ⇒
With detent adjust

Dawn Trashwheel Mounts for Case Planters

The 1140-3 mount is the standard mount for Case 800 and 900 planters with spring down-pressure. If you have an early Case 800 with the 2 bolt pattern, you will need an adapter bracket to install the 1140-3 mount.

The 1140-3 will mount on some early Case 1200 planters, however, if you have a post-2004 Case 1200 planter, with the single coil-over spring down-pressure system, spatial constraints make it impossible to fit Dawn Trashwheels to the row unit

If you have a Case 1250 planter with pneumatic down-pressure, you can equip your row units by using the 1140K-3 mount. This mount uses a unique detent mechanism to adjust the Trashwheels.

1140-3 ⇒
Case 800&900
1140K-3 ⇒
With detent adjust

Dawn Trashwheel Mounts for White Planters

The 1140W-1 mount is the standard mount for White 6000 and early White 8000 planters. The 1140W-1 mount is also compatible with the JD 7200 and post-1993 Kinze planters

This mount has a slotted hole in both of the upper corners of the back plate. This slot is necessary to bolt to White 6000 and early 8000 planters. We do not offer a mount compatible with the White 5000 series planters

If you will have a post-2010 White 8000 series planter, you can equip your planter with Trashwheels using the 1140W-5 mount. This mount keeps the screw adjust mechanism clear of the lower parallel linkage cross support.

1140W-1 ⇒
Slotted back plate
1140W-5 ⇒
White 8000
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