Spring 2023 Release

See the release notes for next season's release here

Watch in Action

Joe walks us through the features of the Dawn Furrowtechnik control system!

Remote Support

FurrowTechnik allows you to chat with technical support directly from the app. You can also give us a call and have us remotely interact with your system.

Single Screen Control

FurrowTechnik gives you a highly detailed window into system performance from a single screen. The row details screen updates multiple times per second with the latest sensor values from each row.

Mapping Features

Monitor the conditions in your field in real time. Export data into ISOXML format that can be integrated with other FMIS applications.

Quick Configuration with Presets

Configure often used presets ahead of time to change multiple settings with the press of a button.

Preseason Diagnostic

Use our automated Diagnostic system to quickly validate configuration or troubleshoot issues.

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